Jair Lynch Profiled in Washington Post

Jair LynchIn a recent interview in the Washington Post, Jair Lynch (LF ’06) reaches way back for the roots of his interest in building and cities and forward toward the future of his beloved city.

Read “Just Asking: D.C. developer and former Lego fanatic Jair Lynch.”

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Urban Resilience Competition–Apply by 9/15

USAID has announced the Urban Resilience Competition with its partners UN Development Programme, UN-Habitat, UN Global Pulse and Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network.  The competition is designed to identify successful innovations in the area of urbanization and climate change in Asia, which will be recognized at the Asia Urban Futures Workshop in Bangkok, October 14-15, 2014.

The deadline for applying is SEPTEMBER 15th. Learn more about the competition and the workshop.

Photo Credit: Montakan T., USAID
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Can the US learn from Poynton?

People are fascinated by the way Ben Hamilton-Baillie’s (LF '01) counterintuitive traffic-calming measures in Poynton, UK, have enabled true street-sharing by pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles. But trying to imagine it working in the US brings out the naysayers of every constituency. They assert that drivers won’t slow down, accessibility for visually and hearing challenged people will be compromised, inexperienced cyclists will be intimidated, kids won’t be safe…and so on.

Happily, Traffic Safety Store reports, “An unofficial DIY movement to forge pedestrian-friendly space is creeping up throughout the country.” New Loeb Andrew Howard and his Team Better Block are among the enablers. Read “Make Murals Not Mayhem: How Art Makes Us Better Drivers” for some inventive strategies.

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Loebs Schmidt and Nohn Influence Housing Policy in Indonesia

Deidre Schmidt (LF ’08) and her consulting practice One Roof Global was engaged by World Bank and the government of Indonesia to assist key ministries (Housing, Planning and Public works among them) to formulate a comprehensive and integrated housing policy framework. The framework will help Influence the newly elected presidential administration in meeting the needs of a rapidly urbanizing population.

Schmidt brought on another Loeb, Matt Nohn (LF ’14) to lead the incremental housing pillar of this work while she focuses on public and rental housing.  The two have worked together both pre- and post-Fellowship, co-taught a class on lowest cost housing design and finance at the Harvard GSD and presented at the World Urban Forum last year.

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Annual New Loebs Speed Dating Events 9/15-18

read more

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Deidre Schmidt to Lead CommonBond

Deidre Lal Schmidt (LF ’08) is poised to become the head in October of CommonBond Communities, one of the top 50 affordable housing developers in the nation. She will be the 3rd CEO in the organization’s 43 years.

Deidre Lal Schmidt read more

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Seeking: Curator of the Loeb Fellowship

The search committee of the GSD invites nominations and applications for the position of Curator of the Loeb Fellowship. The School seeks an exceptional individual to build upon the legacy of Loeb Curators William Doebele and James Stockard. The successful candidate will provide leadership to the Loeb Fellowship and contribute to the teaching program of the GSD.

Read the full posting and apply. Contact Aimee Taberner at ataberner@gsd.harvard.edu with inquiries and nominations.

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Jennifer Siegal: Pre(tty) Fab

Jennifer Siegal (LF '03) believes mobile homes get a bad rap, and she’s eager to show people a new experience: fresh, full-of-light, responsive buildings. She was on CBS News Sunday morning to talk about it with correspondent Mark Strassman, and her images support the case.

Watch the video story.

See more images at Office of Mobile Design.

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Theaster Gates at the MFA 12/10, 11

Theaster Gates (LF ’11), whose elastic concept of art encompasses aesthetic rigor, political statement and community and economic development lever, will be giving two lectures at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts on December 10 and 11. For the second talk he’ll be partnering with dance icon Bill T. Jones.

Learn more and order tickets–they’ll go fast.

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Newark Riverfront Revival Seeks Program Director

Through tours, festivals, educational programs, concerts and other events Newark Riverfront Revival is building community involvement in shaping the Newark riverfront to reflect the city’s traditions and diversity. The organization is seeking a Newark resident who is an experienced community organizer and/or urban planner to be its new Program Director. Applications are due August 29. Learn more and apply.

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