Cream Rising: Harriet Tregoning got a promotion

It’s good news for us all when highly capable people rise up the ladder of responsibility in national agencies. Harriet Tregoning writes in about her promotion read more

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A Watershed Approach

Students and faculty joined Kim Lutz of the Nature Conservancy on April 6th for a lunchtime lecture at the GSD entitled “Taking it to Scale: a Watershed Approach to Conservation Design.” Lutz’s domain is the Connecticut River watershed, close to home, yet little known. In reality, the watershed extends from the Canadian border through 5 states to Long Island Sound and supplies much of the water to the Greater Boston area through the Quabbin Reservoir. Since actions on any part of the river have impacts on habitats, ecology and water flow through the entire span, the watershed conservation approach is an increasingly relevant model for ensuring sustainability. read more

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Leader of Leaders: John Peterson appointed Loeb Curator

John Peterson’s accomplishments as a celebrated architect and teacher, his experience as a Loeb Fellow in 2006 and his passions for public interest design in service of equity and justice make him a dynamic choice as incoming curator of the Loeb Fellowship. His appointment officially begins January 2016, but he’ll use the fall to transition from his current commitments at Public Architecture  into his new role. More details

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Bruner Foundation Kicks the Tires

As the Bruner Foundation conducts its due diligence with intensive site visits to five 2015 Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence finalists, Anne-Marie Lubenau (LF ’12) profiles the candidates in Metropolis POV blog and shows why they rise above the competition. Read about Miller’s Court in “Site Visit: A Baltimore Tin Can Plant Transformed into a Community Hub.”

Photo courtesy of Bruner Foundation
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inFORMing Justice: a conversation about the role of design in building equitable communities

On the surface, inFORMing Justice was a typical event at the GSD: a panel of experts discussing the role of design in building equitable communities with an audience of students, faculty, staff and fellows from across the university. But the seats in Piper Hall were arranged around tables, the panelists spoke from the heart and the audience members were the experts. read more

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Camilla Ween and Future (Chinese) Cities

An abstract of Camilla Ween’s Future Cities: All That Matters has been translated into Chinese in the bilingual journal International Ecology and Safety, a sign that China is looking worldwide for innovation and sustainable practice to help it grapple with its dramatic population shifts and urban expansion.

Read Armando Carbonell’s review of the book in the LOEBlog.

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Boston’s Counting on Art

Boston’s new chief of arts and culture Julie Burros is heading up a yearlong conversation to find out what the city wants and needs for its cultural life. It’s an ambitious plan to conduct interviews, gather information and map cultural assets in 16 neighborhoods, leading to a cultural plan for the city in June 2016. Learn more about Boston Creates in “Mayor Walsh unveils details of Boston’s cultural planning initiative.”

Photo: 5 Beacons of the Lost Half Mile, light installation by Ross Miller
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Reef Madness: a profile of Al Dobbins

Al Dobbins (LF ’90) is as likely to be found scuba diving in the Florida Keys on a maritime archaeology project or coral reef conservation mission, or photographing manta rays and whale sharks in the Maldives, as he is working on a heritage area management plan in Maryland. The year after his Loeb Fellowship, while snorkeling with his daughter in Nassau, he watched a group of divers pass 50 feet below and thought, “As much I like being up here, I’d rather be down there.” read more

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Vanderwarker Profile

The Boston Globe spent time with architectural photographer Peter Vanderwarker (LF '97) to discover why he's so successful in capturing the soul of a city. Read "Architectural Photographer Knows Boston Like the Back of His Hand."

© Peter Vanderwarker
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Swords to Plowshares

poster for Krzysztof Wodiczko John Harvard statue projection read more

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