Upcoming Event: Tracy Metz on Sweet and Salt, April 2

Upcoming Event: Tracy Metz on Sweet and Salt, April 2

Presentation and Roundtable Discussion

When:  April 2 , 12 noon to 2pm
Where:  Stubbins Room

Sweet and Salt: Water and the DutchSweet and Salt: Water and the Dutch, the recent publication by journalist and author Tracy Metz (LF 2007) and art historian Maartie van den Heuvel, looks at centuries of Dutch water management. The event on April 2 explores how the Netherlands negotiates its evolving relationship with water--and what the rest of the world can learn from them as our sea levels rise, our rivers swell and storms and droughts multiply. From New Orleans and Hamburg to Vietnam and China, the world is facing landscapes in drastic metamorphosis. And from the dikes and dams of the past to the new solutions of Dutch design practice for the future, the Netherlands' history with water offers a much-needed perspective on life in our new waterworld.

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