Summer 2017

July 3-28, 2017


Project Link is an intensive four week summer program that seeks to immerse rising high school sophomores, juniors and seniors into the world of design. Students will be exposed to drawing, modeling and representation techniques associated with architectural design as well as exposed to alternative design perspectives of landscape design, urban planning, graphic, industrial, and fine arts design. The program strives to foster design skills and put students on track for exploring these ideas at the collegiate level. 

Students explore problem-solving within the design disciplines through small and large scale projects, weekly discussions, and fast paced group design dilemmas. During the four week program students are taught and exposed to the many techniques on which designers rely to convey both conceptual and real ideas.

They explore the impact of line work in drawing, learn how to physically model their drawn designs, and how to use digital media to illustrate and express their ideas.  A combination of group and one-on-one instruction helps each student develop his or her ability to bring creative ideas to life!

Project Link is run by graduate students in the fields of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design.

Students are selected to participate for this opportunity by their school leadership and GSD staff during our recruitment events held in Boston and Cambridge public school systems in the Spring. 

Thank you to Blick Art Materials in Cambridge for their continued support throughout the years!

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