Francisco Brown-Ortega, MDes CC 2020

Independent Study:Culture, Power and Place: Generic Specificity in Coworking Spaces


Weiyi Cao, MDes CC 2020

Thesis: The State and the Market: Measuring the (In)equity of Social Rented Housing in Chongqing


Elena Clarke, MDes CC 2020

Thesis: Untitled


Linda Just, MDes CC 2020

Thesis: Plot Excavations: On the Potential of Narratives to Reinvent Place in the Post-Industrial Aftermath


Corine Morain, MDes CC 2020

Thesis: Unpacking the Maison Louis Vuitton: Power, Beauty & Heritage


Karan Saharya, MDes CC 2020

Thesis: In the Name of Heritage: Conservation as an Agent of Elite Development, Spatial Cleansing & Social Exclusion in Mehrauli, Delhi


Alexandra Indira Sanyal, MDes CC 2020

Thesis: Power in/and Preservation: Understanding Loss in a (Post) Colonial Calcutta


Lei Song, MDes CC 2020

Thesis: The Biopolitics of Architectural Conservation in Postcolonial Taiwan: Body, Space, and Media

Zhongnan Yang, MDes CC 2020

Thesis: Spatial Differentiation: The Resident Retention Mode in the Pingjiang Road District of Suzhou Old City


Jingxuan Zhang, MDes CC 2020

Thesis: Power and Imaginary: Airbnb in The Former French Concession of Shanghai




Francisco Colom, MDes CC 2019

Thesis: Beauty Killed the Beast? Modernist Dreams, Maisons Tropicales, and the Ecology of Knowledges


Carrie Gammell, MDes CC 2019

Thesis: A Real Face-Washing for All Downtown: The Revitalization of Cleveland, Ohio


Izzy Kornblatt, MDes CC 2019

Thesis: Architecture for a New World: Louis Kahn and Philadelphia




Enrique Aureng Silva, MDes CC 2018

Thesis: Critical Intervention: the liminality of earthquakes as alternative to preservation in Mexico


Luisa Brando, MDes CC 2018

Thesis: An Aquatic Sense of Place


Yonghui Chen, MDes CC 2018

Thesis: Aggravating Social Exclusion How Internet-based Participation Affects Historic Conservation in the Dashilar District of Beijing Old City


Esesua Ikpefan, MDes CC 2018

Thesis: Pako Butter: A “Floating Slum’s” Place in a Globally Competitive City


Prathima Muniyappa, MDes CC 2018

Thesis: Sylvan Synesthesia 


Jacqueline Palavicino, MDes CC 2018

Thesis: The Subsequent Effects of the Power Behind the Identity of Place


Ranjani Srinivasan, MDes CC 2018

Thesis: Gold & Cyanide: Family, Caste and the Post Extractive Landscape at Kolar Gold Fields




Hao Ding, MDes CC 2017

Thesis: Critical Conservation of Chinese-American Culture – The Story of Los Angeles’s Five Chinese Neighbourhoods 


Boya Guo , MDes CC 2017

Open Project: Critical Chinese Copying — Authenticity and Originality in the Built Environment of Contemporary China 


Ana Mayoral Moratilla, MDes CC 2017

Thesis: Archegemony: The Universal Architecture or the Architecture of the Universal?

Michail Papavarnavas, MDes CC 2017

Thesis: Archegemony: The Universal Architecture or the Architecture of the Universal?


Guan Min, MDes CC 2017

Thesis: Towards a New Geography: Rural Tourism in China


Javier Ors Ausín, MDes CC 2017

Thesis: GATEWAY OF INDIA: An (Un)Desirable Fragment of Imperial Architecture


Longyun Ren, MDes CC 2017

Thesis: How the Mask Became the Face: Crypto-colonization in the Architectural Design of the Campus of Ginling College


Francesca Romana Forlini, MDes CC 2017

Thesis: Field of Objects: the Preservation of the Domestic Condition


Roseann Tariq Sijeeni, MDes CC 2017

Thesis: (Dis)Oriented Identities in The Representation of Historic Jeddah




Noor A. Boushehri, MDes CC 2016

Thesis: (RE)MEMBERING FAILAKA: The Perils of Selective Remembrance and the Reconstruction of a Historical Narrative


Maria Letizia Garzoli, MDes CC 2016

Thesis: Conservation by Design


Elad Horn, MDes CC 2016

Thesis: The Capital Paradox of Postmodern Tel Aviv


Josselyn F Ivanov, MDes CC 2016

Thesis: Un-Greening Golden Gate Park


Yunjie Li, MDes CC 2016

Thesis: In Search of Authenticity, A Case Study of San Francisco Chinatown




Julie Paul Brown, MDes CC 2014

Thesis: (Re)Considering Energy and Existing Multi-wythe Brick




Rosabella Alvarez-Calderon, MDes CC 2013

Thesis: The Negotiated Urban Landscape: Archaeological Sites and the Multilayered City in Lima, Peru


Ryn Burns, MDes CC 2013

Thesis: Transformative Reuse of the Built Environment & Preservation as Hoarding


Somayeh Chitchian, MDes CC 2013

Thesis: Other[ed] City: (Re)presentations of Muslim Identities in Contemporary Urban West (the case of the city of Boston)




Chris Cosper, MDes CC 2012

Thesis: Time-Honored Versus Bigger and Better: Critical and Strategic Conservation in Post-Katrina Mississippi